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Display simple troubleshooting

1. no display on the screen, blinking front panel indicates: check monitor signal cable connections to the computer are secure and check the signal cable socket for PIN broken, bent.
2. show shape distortion correction: today's monitors are all the digital control, users can use the control menu to sloping, trapezoidal, linear and amplitude correction. High level focus, the monitor can be brought together and color correction.
3 ... screen black screen and displays the "signal out of range" (a case study of Samsung display, same as the contents of various brands): when computer signals beyond the scope of video display, monitor detected abnormal signals stopped working. Users can turn the monitor off, then open, then reset the computer's output frequency.
4. shutdown the screen Center highlights: immediately sent repair centre. This phenomenon is caused by a circuit problem or the picture tube itself, although at that time does not affect the use, but for a long time, picture tube is burned, the Middle spots, repair, warranty period has expired, user interest is lost.
5. display colors: by degaussing the monitor's degaussing control function on the front panel, but do not repeat degaussed in half an hour.
6. colour types must not be to the 32-bit: video card problem, check to see if the video card has the performance and the video card driver is installed.
7. resolution/refresh rate does not go on: in most cases is to use questions. Check the drivers for the video card and the monitor has been installed (if provided), then use the manual check video card and monitor can reach you the performance you require. If all goes well, it is the monitor, can only be solved contact Service Center. BACK

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