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AMD CPU power consumption larger

Because AMD CPU power consumption is larger, some power of poor quality or insufficient power "dragons", "bird" machine, added the purchase of a new hard disk or other larger power consumption equipment may also result in the display of card power supply is not enough, you can use exclude and replace methods.
video card and memory problems, computer power is a black screen, how different? To note of points has:
① Note computer has no small Horn of alarm sound, if is has alarm sound of, displayed card of problem may will big is, and we can from alarm sound of length and times to judge specific of fault (this aspects of information many has, Board also may will with manual, please everyone himself find to reference)
II if black screen no alarm sound, most is memory fundamental didn't plug good or bad has.
③ Note Panel of displayed lamp State, if no alarm sound and check had memory has, may will is displayed card contact bad of problem, often with hard disk lamp long bright; also can see display of State lamp, if black screen with display Shang the State regulation of led in while kept to flashing, may will is connection graphics to display of cable plug pine has, or graphics didn't in slot within plug tight. BACK

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